The surroundings of the hotel offers many cultural, entertainment and close-to-nature activities for all ages. Here we gathered some ideas about what to visit nearby. Feel free to ask our reception staff about current events in the area!


It is one of the high quality, historical wine regions of Hungary. Lake Balaton reflects the sun's rays by multiplying them, which has a positive effect on the climate and creates a Mediterranean microclimate around the lake. In the wine region, there are basically two wine styles to be distinguished. The wines made in and around Balatonfüred are fuller, more fiery, with a higher extract content and alcohol. The wines of Csopak are more restrained, graceful, with a delicate aroma and flavors.

Many, smaller and larger wineries in the wine region are waiting for visitors, even for a tasting combined with a wonderful view of Lake Balaton and a meal.

More information: Csopaki borvidék

Located in a forest environment, two 1,5 km long bobsleigh tracks, playgrounds and a fitnes park can be visited all year, and it is a very popular excursion destination. From its highest point there is a wonderful view of the lake.

More information: Balatoni Bob

Eco tourist visitor center, which presents the past and present of the Tihany Peninsula in an exciting way for all ages.

More information: Levendula Ház

Natural forms of movement, in a natural environment next to the Balaton Bob track. From the age of 3 until the end of physical activity, it awaits those who want to slide, climb and shoot with tasks that can be performed by a healthy adult and child.

More information: Serpa Kalandpark

It is the only cave in the country that can be visited by boat. The rock mass of the spring cave, formed 13.7 million years ago, is made up of layers of limestone and marl from the sediments of the former Sarmatian Sea.

More information: Tapolcai Tavasbarlang

The symbol of Tihany is the Benedictine Abbey, founded in 1055, one of the best-known and most visited tourist destinations in the country. We can also enjoy an unparalleled panorama of Lake Balaton.

Above the Romanesque-style sub-church, which also houses the only royal tomb in its original location, rises the stunningly beautiful Baroque church, which can be seen from afar.

The museum presents monastic and folk life from 1055 to the present day, supplemented by the current exhibition of the gallery of fine arts. The Abbey also hosts many cultural events, its organ concerts are also known abroad.

More information: Tihanyi Bencés Apátság

The hills and valleys, arches and towers of Veszprém, the sloping, narrow streets and the spacious squares hide many secrets that are waiting to be discovered. You can't get lost, because the castle of Veszprém is always there in the center.

The Veszprém Fire Tower is one of the symbols and oldest buildings of Veszprém. The round balcony of the tower offers a wonderful view of Veszprém.

Art also found a home in the city of queens. The city’s featured ensembles offer quality programs in many branches of art throughout the year. The museums, church exhibitions and galleries also promise a useful pastime.

More information: Veszprém Város oldala

In addition to traditional zoo animals, there are plenty of special species among the inhabitants of the park, which offers an unforgettable experience for young and old alike. Petting zoos and various events add color to the Zoo’s offerings. In the Puppy Jungle playhouse and terrarium, adventurous lurkers can crawl, climb, try the Sloth Road, climb into an animal transport box, but they can also relax in the parrot club, or they can slide down from there on a covered slide.

The playground is lined with terraces featuring special reptiles. On the runway of the African savannah, visitors can admire zebras, giraffes and a family of wide-mouthed rhinos. It is also a unique complex in Europe, with only a glass wall separating visitors from chimpanzees in the interior of the Chimpanzee World, and their huge outer catwalk is lined with moats.

More information: Veszprémi Állatkert

It is the highest living tree collection in Hungary, the presentation place of the Balaton-felvidéki National Park. The visitor can enjoy the richness of colors and shapes of about six hundred tree and shrub species and varieties.

More information: Zirci Arborétum